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Apexel APL-HB5 New Univer

৳ 4,500.00
4K HD 5 in 1 Lens Kit for 98% iPhone & Android Smartphones like iPhone/Samsung/iPad/HTC/ZTE/Xiaomi/Moto/Blackberry/Nokia....etc9(also for new iPhone 12 Series)  
170° Super Wide Angle 170 º wide field of view, Allows you to get more in one picture, and highlight centers, blurry surroundings, similar to fisheye or panoramic lens with magnificent effects. 110° Wide Angle The wide visual makes every photo into a big production. Allows you to get a magnificent and stunning amazing picture while outdoor photography, and really perfect for big scenes and street snap. 10X Macro Lens For the smallest things to get an enlarged clear picture, and let us find the amazing and stunning beauty in the tiny world. 2X Telephoto Lens The telephoto lens not only can shorten the distance effectively but also blur the background, highlighting the main part making photo looks more vivid and natural. Fisheye Lens Creates a circular distortion image which highlights the central part, and really share you an interesting fisheye world.