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Remax Proda PP-N3 Noteboo

৳ 1,500.00

Model: PP-N3

Capacity: 30 000mAh Li-Ion

Size: 11 x 27 cm (1cm Thickness)

Weight: 370g

Colour: Black, White

LCD Display - Shows battery % charge up level

Compatibility: Universal USB charging Port + Package contains Micro USB Data and Charger Cable

Package Contains: External Charger - Power Bank, Micro USB Data & charger Cable

Input Power: 5V/1000mAh

1 - Output Power: 5V/1000mAh

2 - Output Power: 5V/2100mAh

3 - Output Power: 5V/1000mAh

4 - Output Power: 5V/2100mAh

Device Charge Up time: 5-9 hours

Amount of approx. Charge Up Cycles > 2200times